Wedding Event Stationery

You’ve created your wedding invitation, setting the tone for the big day. Now it’s time for some attention to detail in choosing custom stationery that will complement your wedding invitation and express your personal style.

What You Need To Know

Wedding Invitations
You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Your wedding invitation is your guests’ first glimpse into your special event. It has the potential to make them very excited to be included in the celebration. Your wedding invitation will set the tone for your event and should reflect your style and personality.

Save the Dates
Because of your guests’ busy schedules, Save the Dates are essential. Sending them out six to eight months prior to your wedding date is recommended, especially if your wedding date lands on a holiday weekend or during the tourist season when hotels tend to book up. Your guests will appreciate the advance notice so they can be sure to attend.

Ceremony Programs
Whether you have a program or not is totally up to you. However, a well thought out program can enhance your guests’ enjoyment of the ceremony. In certain instances, they are almost necessary. For example, if you are having a ceremony with religious or cultural traditions, it will help your guests to understand them. If you have a large bridal party whom the guests may not know, a program will be helpful. The program should contain an outline of the ceremony and the order of events.

Escort & Place Cards
You need to know that place cards and escort cards are not synonymous. Escort cards are those little cards guests pick up at the beginning of a wedding reception with their name on them and indicate the table they will be seated at. Place cards are not commonly used for most weddings. Very formal or black tie events might provide place cards whereby the hosts have taken it upon themselves to assign a specific seat at a specific table.

Table Numbers
Table numbers are used to identify the table so your guests can find their seats. Some people get creative and use names of places or things that are significant to them instead of numbers. Regardless which you choose to use, the cards should be a good size so that they can be seen as people enter the room.

Menu cards are mostly used for sit-down dinners at wedding receptions. A printed menu card at the table will enhance the experience, and it is just one more way to express your individuality and creativity.

Favor Tags & Packaging
Favors are a way of thanking your guests for sharing your day with you. Favor gift tags are a way to complete a consistent look for your tables, while at the same time giving your guests a personalized memento. Your choice of wedding favor packaging will bring a splash of style to your celebration.

Thank You Notes
Every gift you receive should be acknowledged in writing. A personal handwritten note shows that you care enough about the giver to write an individualized thank you. You can choose stationery that is cohesive with your invitation and event, or perhaps a wedding photo card.